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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Oct 7, 2016

Catherine Litchfield joins us today from UCANN and talks to us about the potential benefits of the Super Starch that they produce.


"SuperStarch represents a major advancement and is legitimately the most exciting development in sports nutrition this century. It provides a carbohydrate source that delivers steady...

Nov 1, 2014

In this episode Kristina and I speak about how to lose fat

Why people find it so difficult

Common mistakes people make when trying to lose fat

What we beileve is the best approach.

We talk carbohydrate, how, when and what.

Working out your macros

Why it is important to know where you are starting from and how to work it...

Oct 17, 2014

In this episode we speak to Josh Leader, as 21 year old seasoned competitor within the UKBFF and student doctor.

We speak about his philosophy on the industry, how he came to be involced in it and how he manages to juggle life at University while training and getting his dirt right.

You will also here about his EPIC...

Oct 16, 2014

In this episode we speak with Kristina Vassilieva who is open and honest about her journey through both Anorexia and Bulima eating disorders, through here recovery and how she got her health back.

Kristina discusses the things you do not realise are happening to your body until it is too late, her psychology behind...

Oct 15, 2014

Welcome to the first episode of The Athletic Fitness & Nutrition podcast!

Here you will find loads of useful information and thought provoking interviews with some really amazing people, all of whom have one thing in common – their own most useful tip to improve your health/fitness/nutrition/training.

In this show...