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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Jan 29, 2021

Chris Freer joins me today to talk about a life story that is inspirational to any able bodied human being.

The fact that he lives with Multiple Sclerosis jut makes it even more astounding. 

Chris tells us about how he went from being a 'successful' businessman to a place where he was so desperate and that he attempted suicide.

From there we hear how things changed for him and he now lives his most rewarding and fulfilling life helping others with disabilities. 

Chris lives with MS and when the Consultant told him there was nothing that could be done he went on his own journey of self discovery to life a perfectly normal life.

If you if anyone you know lives with MS then this is a must listen to show and for those fo us that are blessed enough not to have to deal with those challenges, this is a reminder of just how fortunate we are and how we must remember to live an amazing life everyday!