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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Sep 23, 2016

The man mountain that is Dave Crosland joins us today to talk about his new educational website and how he is getting real, usable information out to the masses regarding performance and image enhancing drugs.

In his journey from teenage competitor to international authority he has clinically died, been 11% body fat at 306lbs and suffered kidney failure, oh and had a time where a 300kg deadlift just wasn't enough to be competitive.

Dave talks openly about his past and why what he does today is so important.

The fitness industry is rife with misinformed individuals recommending or using drugs when they have no knowledge about how to use them properly, the side effects and possible long term issues they may cause.

Dave has created possibly the most comprehensive website and resource to cover all aspects of this side of the 'health' business and what yo hear from him on the show may well surprise you.