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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Dec 27, 2014

Dr Justin Roberts is a world class nutritionist and Ultra Endurance event competitor.

In this episode he tells us how being told he could not be a marathon runner led him to run 150 miles across the Sahara Dessert!

How being 'rubbish at sports' made him want to do a sports science degree

His love for the Triathlon

Why training gradually means that you can stay injury free

The mentality needed to complete an ultra endurane race

What changes in someones character after being truly alone in the dessert

How compassion for others is a major motivator for him

Why starting a nutrition plan 2 weeks out from an event is leaving it too late

His current findings on probiotics and how they may help athletes improve their performance

And how 'nutritional pshycology' is his next big adventure