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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Dec 8, 2017

Luis Villasenor aka Darthlunghi is back to update us on the incredible growth and success of the ketogains brand.

When we last spoke with Luis around 15 months ago, the group had around 10,000 followers, today they are approaching 90,000!

On this episode we talk about how people all over the world are improving their health using the keto gains approach to health and fitness.

What is Ketogains?

“A community driven exploration into the pursuit of physical excellence via ketosis. Whether you want to GAIN health, endurance, strength, speed, muscle or a lean body, it can all be done with a well-formulated, ketogenic diet.”

"On Ketogains, we will teach you how to achieve an optimal body recomposition by following a program that involves a diet of whole, mostly unprocessed foods: low on sugars, adequate on proteins, and adequate on healthy fats."

We get into discussing why people get the ketogenic diet so wrong, how to apply it to sports like crossfit and what is included in their very successful bootcamp courses.