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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Apr 13, 2018

In a departure from our usual type of content, today I speak with Megan Hine who is an Internationally renowned female survival consultant. 

Megan Hine is a survival expert, celebrity expedition leader, and adventure catalyst.
Her vast wealth of experience and knowledge gained from leading hundreds of adventures across the globe enables her to organise unique expeditions to untouched and wild places.

We talk at length about her Rule of 3 which is adapted from the training in the military.

Why some people walk out of a situation alive while others may perish.

Why attitude is so important when handling fears and emotions and how to attain the right one from people who may be self sabotaging 


How she survived 7 days with no food in the snowy mountains of Northern Spain and enjoyed every minute of it.

How to apply a survivor mindset to our everyday life- 

Her 5 elements that make up a survivor mentality 

The significance of working WITH your environment instead of protecting yourself FROM your environment. 

Social media and how it distracts from experiencing real life 

And how we have lost touch with our World because of the protection we have surrounded ourselves with. 


Instagram: @megan_hine

Twitter: @Meg_Hine 


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