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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Jan 17, 2021

Tim’s a dedicated health optimising biohacker, a psychology specialist, entrepreneur and global speaker. 

He's known as the “UK’s leading Biohacker” due to his detailed tracking of more than 35+ biomarkers per day, is frequently in the mainstream media regarding practical, trackable, and immediately apply-able health hacks.

After years spent self-healing his body from chronic health conditions through biohacking alone, Tim embarked on a mission to educate and empower the masses. As such, he created The Health Optimisation Summit, Europe’s largest health conference, which aims to provide people with the knowledge, tools and resources to take their own health and performance to the next level. The summit is a world-first collaboration between the US-based health titans: Bulletproof Biohacking Conference, and PaleoF(x), which showcases the best speakers from the health, biohacking, fitness, longevity, nutrition, and function and preventative medicine spaces. Tim is also the man behind the Biohacker London Meetup group, a growing global community which laid the foundation in the UK for the summit’s success.

During this talk we discuss what really is biohacking and why people misinterpret it.

Why the environment in and out his so important.

Tim's view on the COVID-19 vaccine and much more!