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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Jul 17, 2017

On this episode we talk about Shawn's multiple World Rowing records like:

500m in 1m 14.5s

100m in 13.4s

415m in 1 min!

We chat about his approach to his nutrition by eating rib eye steak, hamburgers, a few eggs and shrimp to get in around 4-5,000 calories a day.

He has an interesting thought on why Vitamin C requirements are lower when we don't eat carbs.

The fact that no animal counts calories so why should we?


The NEqualsMany research project.

The NEqualsMany research project is looking to find out more about how a zero carbohydrate diet affects people.

Shawn has been talking for many months about his own journey using a zero carb nutritional approach and how it has improved his World class performance and health markers like joint pain and strength.

The great news is that if you are interested in actually being a part of the research then YOU CAN!

Check out and apply now! Study will start around early August 2017 so don't hang about.

Check out Shawn on Twitter: @SBakerMD