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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Jun 24, 2016

Ever wanted to know what goes on inside your body? Interested in finding out what makes your body work better and how?

Well, Damien Blenkinsopp from the Quantified Body Podcast is just the man to ask. He has spent over $100,000 on testing himself over many years and what he has discovered could amaze you!

Originally a strategic consultant he took his love of numbers and combined it with his love of being healthy and started a journey into how to make himself the best he can possibly be by testing, adjust and retesting himself.

We talk about the key lessons he's learnt along the way that anyone can implement.

Which tests he finds the most useful and also the one's that are easily actionable.

We delve into ketogenic dieting, keto salts and how I personally have been using them recently and a ton more great stuff.