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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Feb 20, 2021

Young, talented and infectiously energetic, Dan Churchill is one of the world’s most exciting celebrity chefs.

Now based in New York, Dan is regularly featured on Good Morning America, on ABC’s The Chew and on The Food Network. As a result he has reached an audience in excess of 10 million people. He is the Chef and Co-Founder of Charley St, a fast casual restaurant in Nolita that serves healthy farm-to-table eats. The restaurant is also home to Dan’s own production kitchen, where he films videos and content with thought leaders in food and wellness.

We chat about his journey into the world of being a celebrity chef, how his podcast has brought about big changes in his approach to health and his top 3 most important things to do to improve your health.

Dan has some great views on how the modern world effects our lives and why eating more plants can be good for everyone AND shares his own version of Cryotherapy!