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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Nov 26, 2021

Dr Colin Zhu (@thechefdoc) talks today about what it takes to live the life you want.

What does it take to be happy each day and why some find it so hard.

Strategies you can use to bring about an amazing experience every day and much more! 

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Nov 19, 2021

Boomer Anderson is driven by curiosity and long-tail opportunities.

 Boomer's personal philosophy of “challenging the process” led to the acquisition of an eclectic number of roles. In no particular order, Boomer is an entrepreneur, practitioner, boyfriend, human guinea pig, speaker, and investor.

Boomer is the...

Nov 12, 2021

Marty Kendall from Optimising Nutrition joins me again today and this time we are talking Data Driven Fasting which is a process he has developed that shows you exactly what it takes to lose body fat.

This is definitely one not to be missed!

If you...

Nov 5, 2021

With us today is Dr. William Pawluk, a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapies. His latest book“Supercharge Your Health With PEMFs,” is the most comprehensive practical hands-on guide to PEMF treatment available to date.

We discuss how PEMf's can extend life,...