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The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine podcast

Sep 27, 2018

  William Shewfelt is an actor, speaker, and health & fitness advocate known for his portrayal of Brody the Red Power Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

He was nominated for Favourite TV Actor at the 2018 Kids Choice Awards.

He started karate lessons at the age of 5 and competed in multiple karate tournaments. He later competed in track and field, armwrestling tournaments, and powerlifting.

But that's not the interesting thing about William. With no acting experience he set a goal to star in a major US tv series within 12 months - and achieved it. 

He tells us how he sets his goals to ensure he always reaches his outcome and more importantly, why even if you do not hit your target, there is huge benefit in the process.

We discuss his switch from being Vegan for 4 years to being ketogenic and why it serves him and his lifestyle.

We have a discussion about what my views are on his nutritional approach which you may find very interesting and we discuss his Carnivore Shredding programme which is having success in getting people to quickly and safely reach their physique goals.
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